Endless Series version 3 screenshot Endless Series v3

A unique effect based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion, which generates mind bending risers, infinite scales, psychedelic drones and fascinating sonic textures.

It works as a tone generator, a ring modulator, phaser, flanger or resonant filter bank.


Key Features

Penrose Stairs
  • Circular-pitch tone generator, ring mod, flanger, filter and phaser
  • Glissando, auto-stepped and MIDI-stepped modes for synchronising to host
  • Lots of options for creating harmonic or inharmonic timbres
  • Stereo, mono & mono2stereo for all FX modes
  • Quantize stepped modes to one of 14 different scales
  • Stereo detune/fattening and auto-panning effects
  • Control harmonics of each partial for a richer sound
  • Distortion and noise modulation, for a dirtier sound
  • Integrated preset/bank management for compatibility across hosts/platforms
  • VST2/VST3/AudioUnit/RTAS & AAX plug-in formats & Standalone App
  • 32-bit and 64-bit binaries
  • No obtrusive copy-protection
  • Massive sonic-potential!

System Requirements


  • Windows XP or newer
  • VST 2.4, VST 3 or RTAS/AAX host
  • 32bit or 64bit host
  • ProTools 10.36+ or ProTools 11.02+ for AAX
  • Any modern SSE2 capable CPU


  • OSX Leopard (10.5) or higher
  • VST 2.4, VST 3, AU or RTAS/AAX host
  • 32bit or 64bit host
  • ProTools 10.36+ or ProTools 11.02+ for AAX
  • Core2Duo or better Intel CPU


Demo limitations: Every 60 seconds the sound is muted and the controls are disabled.

How to Purchase

The full version of Endless Series, including all plug-in and standalone builds costs £29.99 GBP. Click on the buy now button below to pay securely via paypal. You will receive the download link for the full version shortly after your payment has been processed.

Alternatively you can buy just the Mac standalone version on the Mac App Store for £6.99 GBP

Buy Full version via paypal Endless Series Standalone on the Mac App Store